“I have nothing but respect for this author and hope he will produce more great works. He obviously has both the talent and the necessary understanding of the human condition to do so brilliantly.” - Maureen Gill, Author of January Moon.

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The Empty Lot Next Door

The Crawl Space

Friend or Foe (coming soon)

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The Crawl Space

The Crawl Space is an interactive novel that inspires teens and young adults to look at life from a new perspective of hope, courage, and respect for others.

Friend or Foe

Written in a conservative viewpoint, this fable will educate younger readers about work ethic and proper conservation efforts while older readers may well be frightened by its relevance to our current immigration policies.

The Crawl Space by Arthur Mills

The Empty Lot Next Door

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the true-life experience of Arthur Mills deserves consideration. Find out who Candle Face was, her taunting behavior, and how she turned a boy’s childhood into a living nightmare.

The Empty Lot Next Door by Arthur Mills


Romance writer Chelsie Crammer wants what any writer wants – to pen the next great novel. But when a character she creates leaps right out of her mind and into her heart (and bed), she realizes falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.

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Are you looking for a creative reading experience based on your perspective, values and even mood? Branching Plot Books is an innovative reading experience designed in the style of double entendre; or two different meanings intended to be understood according to the reader. Children and adults will differ in perspective and experiences. My stories are developed with multiples in mind such as age, experience, culture and more. I also offer interactive stories where you can choose and make decisions, plots and the direction of the story as you go; choosing the path and the ending. I am devoted to high standards of technology and publication and will exceed your expectation of creative literacy.

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April 2015

Friend or Foe by Arthur Mills Learn More