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Co-Author by Arthur Mills


Romance writer Chelsie Crammer wants what any writer wants – to pen the next great novel. But when a character she creates leaps right out of her mind and into her heart (and bed), she realizes falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.


She desperately wants her tenth novel to be different. Chelsie Crammer – talented, passionate, and beautiful – hates being labeled a regional author of romantic fiction in the American Pacific Northwest. She is ready to give up urban comforts and get a feel of the American countryside to infuse fresh vigor into her work.

Chelsie and Brian hope the self-imposed exile will help her write the masterpiece she’s yearned for. A city-loving socialite, the desolation is a bit unnerving for her, though Brian quickly acclimates and gets a teaching job at a nearby school. Unfortunately, the words aren’t flowing as Chelsie had hoped, and she’s beginning to get stir-crazy. She explores the attic one day in boredom and comes across a trunk belonging to the former male occupant. After the discovery, bizarre events transpire. New chapters are appearing in her manuscript. She suspects her male character writes them. To get closer to him, Chelsie names her female character after herself and feels they’re one and the same. It isn’t long before Chelsie falls in love with her co-author. Brian is beside himself with worry, but Chelsie’s obsessive behavior triggers events that jeopardize everything she and Brian have worked for. She’s desperate for her co-author to write the love scene in the final chapter. Unfortunately, by the time he does, it may be too late for all of them.

Torn between fact and fantasy and lost in the shadowy labyrinth of true love and erotic passion, Co-Author creates a unique genre for itself – a paranormal thriller (with a touch of romance) that explores the secret lust and longing that each of us conceals deep within.

Prepare for a heart-pounding paranormal thriller and immerse yourself in this wondrous tale of fiction’s rendezvous with reality. So pull up a chair, sit down, relax, and journey into the paranormal!

How can Co-Author Contribute to your Personal and Intellectual Growth?

Reading Co-Author contributes to personal and intellectual growth through its deep literary exploration and unique story structure. The emotional intensity and romantic undertones resonate with readers on a personal level, facilitating introspection and understanding of one's own emotions. The profound character depth offers insights into human complexities, enriching one's comprehension of interpersonal dynamics. Engaging plot twists challenge conventional thinking and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Engaging with the story not only expands one's literary horizons but also fosters a deeper insight into the human psyche and the nuances of storytelling.


Characters drive a story, enabling readers to connect emotionally, explore diverse perspectives, and engage with the story. Their journeys offer insight into human nature, making abstract themes tangible and relatable, thus enriching the reader's experience and understanding of the story's core message.

Chelsie Crammer (Co-Author by Arthur Mills)

Chelsie is a passionate and dedicated author, known for her romance novels. Chelsie creates a male character, "David" for her upcoming novel, who she falls in love with. David, isn't just a creation for her; he represents a deeper longing or void in her life. This blurring is symbolic of Chelsie's deep need for connection, possibly highlighting areas in her real life where such depth is lacking.

Bill (Co-Author by Arthur Mills)

Bill is a supportive and understanding figure. He's an older resident of the area where Chelsie and Brian have taken up residence. Bill offers guidance and assistance to Brian throughout the unfolding events, especially when he learns about Chelsie's deteriorating mental state.

David (Co-Author by Arthur Mills)

David represents a complex duality in the story. On one hand, he's a figment of Chelsie's imagination — a character in her novel who exemplifies her ideal romantic protagonist. On the other, he's reminiscent of a real person from the past, a connection that profoundly influences the story and Chelsie's psyche. In an intriguing twist, Chelsie collaborates with David, her own fictional creation, as they alternate writing chapters in their ensuing romance story.

Cottage (Co-Author by Arthur Mills)

The cottage is a significant setting in the story where most of the events unfolds. Located near a lake, it's where Chelsie and Brian temporarily reside to allow Chelsie the peace and environment she needs to write her novel. The cottage stands as a powerful testament to the interplay of fantasy and reality, the past and the present, and the thin line between sanity and obsession.

Brian Crammer (Co-Author by Arthur Mills)

Brian is Chelsie's supportive husband. As Chelsie immerses herself in the world of her romance novel she's currently writing, Brian becomes increasingly concerned about her connection with one of her characters, David. Brian takes on the role of a protector, trying to shield Chelsie from the extremes of her emotional world.

Lake (Co-Author by Arthur Mills)

The lake, situated near the cottage, is a recurring element in the story. It presents a serene, picturesque backdrop to the cottage, where Chelsie hopes to find inspiration for her writing. The lake becomes an integral part of the atmosphere, adding to the romance and calm of the environment. However, as the story unfolds, the lake takes on a more sinister tone.

Lake in the Woods.jpg


"This was an incredibly intense story as it led up to the writing of the final scene and the conflict with Chelsie's real-life husband, Brian. A very original story, with some great twists, that pulled me in early on and held on until the end. Of course, many readers may think they know how this is going to end - think again!" - Amazon reviewer


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