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Friend or Foe

Conservative and liberal politics butt heads over economics, the environment, and immigration in a modern day Animal Farm and Ant-and-the-Grasshopper style fable in Arthur Mills’ Friend or Foe.

Friend or Foe by Arthur Mills

Tolmie State Park seems like a paradise for all the birds and woodland animals who reside there with enough fruit, nuts, seeds, and acorns for everyone. But one day, Mitch the chipmunk is surprised when a flock of blue jays takes up residence in the park. They seem friendly at first but they are not above mocking Mitch and his wife for their hard work preparing for winter.

Then one day the chipmunks discover someone is stealing from their hard-earned stores. Soon, the blue jays engage in persuasive rhetoric, turning the other animals against the chipmunks. Like a surreal version of the French Revolution gone wrong, the hardworking chipmunks are persecuted, left trying to survive, while their former friends lack all common sense. Soon the rash behavior of those around them causes the chipmunks and their persecutors to realize an economic and environmental nightmare has begun for everyone.

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