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From Shadows to Light: The Elderly Witness to Candle Face’s Past

Updated: 19 hours ago

Candle Face

In an unexpected twist, the elderly gentleman who once eluded my interview has made a dramatic reversal. Shrouded in mystery, the stage is now set for an eagerly awaited face-to-face interview, scheduled for Monday, October 30th.

At 82 years old, this mysterious figure holds secrets from a forgotten time. He professes an intimate connection to the early days of Candle Face. Before I awakened her and dubbed her Candle Face, he was there, silently witnessing her story's genesis.

His initial silence to share his insights has transformed into a firm resolve. An intense tension hangs in the air as he readies himself to reveal a story long hidden in the shadows. The risks are substantial, the danger is real. He confronts the potential for life-threatening consequences with unwavering courage.

What hidden knowledge does he possess? How did his path intersect with Candle Face before the inferno that scarred her features, giving her the appearance of a scorched candle? As we draw nearer to the interview, the atmosphere brims with suspense. This is more than just a revelation; it's a descent into a story that has remained untold until this moment. Stay alert, as we prepare to uncover the mystery of Candle Face through the recollections of the man who knew her before the world took notice.


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