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Branching Plot Books

Branching Plot Books is an innovative reading experience devoted to reader interaction and double entendre, or two different meanings intended to be understood according to the reader.

About Branching Plot Books

Branching Plot Books

A book series is a sequence of books with certain characteristics in common that are formally identified together as a group. These characteristics are often easy to identify. For example, Goosebumps is a famous children’s book series that depict fictional children being involved in scary situations. Another example is the Choose Your Own Adventure books, which allow readers to assume the role of the protagonist and make choices that determine the main character’s actions and the plot’s outcome.


The characteristics that connect the books in Branching Plot Books are much less obvious. On the surface, Branching Plot Books seem like several unrelated books. However, Branching Plot Books is a small but growing series of books that can be read in a variety of ways, depending on the reader. Each book’s plot and premise can be seen differently, depending on the reader’s mood, experiences, and values.


To create this effect, Branching Plot Books focus on reader interaction and the use of the double entendre literary technique. A double entendre refers to a phrase or figure of speech with two meanings or is understood in two different ways. In Branching Plot Books, a whole book could have a double meaning and be understood differently. For example, children and young adults might see The Empty Lot Next Door as a ghost story, while older adults might see the story as a young child coping with bullies and a dysfunctional family life. In Friend or Foe, liberal readers will relate to the blue jay named Javlin and despise the greedy chipmunk named Mitch, whereas conservative readers will rally behind Mitch because of his hard-working attitude and will see Javlin as a lazy freeloader. Some readers believe the struggle has nothing to do with political ideologies, but instead, the book is really about race or immigration issues. Therefore, in both The Empty Lot Next Door and Friend or Foe, the plots and the premises can be seen differently, depending on the reader’s mood, experiences, and values.


Some books within Branching Plot Books make it more obvious that the reader can change the plot and take charge of the premise. For example, The Crawl Space has 24 choices and 11 alternate endings, allowing the reader to decide how the storyline should flow. Different readers might take different paths, which can change their impressions of the story.


There is no right or wrong way to interpret Branching Plot Books because the book series is tailored to every reader. Branching Plot Books is where the reader becomes the author.


About the Author

Arthur Mills

Arthur Mills has traveled the world, both literally and figuratively. In his military life as a Chief Warrant Officer, he was stationed in several countries the world over. In his life as a reader, he’s been able to visit hundreds more. And as a writer? He’s been able to create a world all his own.

Arthur is the creator of Branching Plot Books, a book series devoted to reader interaction and double entendre. Arthur has been able to pen novels to captivate people of all ages. Whether it’s the horror of The Empty Lot Next Door, or the interactivity of The Crawl Space, Arthur’s main goal in writing has always been to develop a deeper means of communication with the world—both real and imagined.

When not working on his latest novel, Arthur is a full-time husband, father, and private investigator who conducts child abuse and cyber-bullying investigations. He and his wife live in Central Texas.

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