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Candle Face



Welcome to Candle Face Chronicles, an interactive two-part series where you join forces with Arthur Mills to solve the haunting mystery of Candle Face through immersive investigations and collaborative discoveries. Engage in a unique blend of real-life encounters, expert consultations, and community-driven research in The Lost Souls and Genesis, unraveling the existence of a vengeful ghost and challenging your perceptions of the supernatural world.


Join us on an unprecedented interactive journey with Candle Face Chronicles, a two-part series that investigates the supernatural heart of Candle Face. This compelling anthology, featuring Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls and Candle Face Chronicles: Genesis, invites you to collaborate with Arthur Mills, a seasoned retired intelligence analyst and private investigator with over thirty years of experience. Together, you'll seek to solve the mysteries surrounding Candle Face, a vengeful ghost whose presence has haunted many.

Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls is not just a collection of ghost stories but an immersive investigation into real-life encounters with spirits—victims of Candle Face's wrath. As skeptics turned victims share their testimonies, you are enlisted in a mission to bring peace to these lost souls. Your involvement is critical in three areas: identifying spirits' remains to solve the mystery of their untimely deaths, uncovering the identities of Candle Face's followers who killed in her name, and connecting with the spirits' living relatives to offer closure. This endeavor encompasses piecing together testimonies, analyzing cryptic messages, and researching historical records, all while deciphering the complex dreams through which these spirits communicate. Both parts of the Chronicles employ cutting-edge technology alongside traditional and unconventional investigative techniques, offering a multidimensional experience where participants can share findings and theories through an interactive website, Facebook group, and a vodcast.

In Candle Face Chronicles: Genesis, the quest deepens as it aims to understand the essence of Candle Face herself. This groundbreaking exploration leads you through haunted sites, consulting with experts in paranormal research, theology, and demonology to challenge your understanding of the supernatural. Who is Candle Face? A fallen angel, a demon of chaos, or an entirely unknown type of entity?

The Candle Face Chronicles transcends the typical anthology format, emphasizing collaborative investigation and reader interaction to solve the mystery. Participants are encouraged to share their insights, contributing to a collective knowledge base that illuminates the darkness surrounding Candle Face. Whether it's analyzing spirit testimonies, exploring cryptic sites, or engaging in theological debate, every piece of the puzzle brings us closer to understanding Candle Face's true nature.

Whether you're here to read or participate actively, you become an essential team member dedicated to uncovering the truth and delivering justice and liberation to the spirits haunted by Candle Face. The Chronicles challenge you to confront your beliefs about the paranormal, urging you to question everything you think you know and to seek answers in the most unexpected places.

Join us in this meaningful quest across Candle Face Chronicles: The Lost Souls and Candle Face Chronicles: Genesis. We can piece together the puzzle of Candle Face, moving through fear and mystery towards enlightenment. Whether Candle Face is a ghost, a fallen angel, a demon, or an entirely new category of undead entity, this investigation will forever change how we perceive the supernatural world. Be part of the legend that is the Candle Face Chronicles, where every discovery, every piece of evidence, and every shared story brings us a step closer to solving the ultimate mystery.

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