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Beneath the School Stage: Unearthing the Terrifying Crawl Space

The Crawl Space by Arthur Mills

Fear is something that grips us all, no matter how old we are. It’s that tingling sensation that sends shivers racing down our spins. Maybe it’s the creepy, dimly lit attic or the spooky basement. Perhaps it’s the space under the bed, where you can’t help but imagine all sorts of monsters lurking. It could even be that narrow hallway that seems to hide a ghostly presence just around the corner or that massive tree in the empty lot next door that your mind transforms into a wicked witch each night.

But at Dawson Middle School, there’s a place that strikes terror into the hearts of its students: the crawl space. This seemingly harmless nook sits quietly in the cafeteria beneath the school stage. The crawl space is dark and musty, filling every student’s mind with images of skeletons, ghosts, and unspeakable horrors. Legend has it that it’s haunted by the ghost of a student locked in by bullies.

In the gripping teen novel The Crawl Space by Arthur Mills, three bullies find themselves facing a unique punishment for their actions: they must clean the haunted crawl space. The big question is, will Bruce, Mark, and Charles be able to solve the riddles posed by the ghost that calls the crawl space home? Well, that’s a decision you, as the reader, get to make.

The Crawl Space is an interactive novel for children and young adults, featuring 24 thought-provoking choices and 11 different endings. Arthur Mills, the author of the acclaimed memoir The Empty Lot Next Door, once again delivers a story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat long after you finish reading.

The paperback version of The Crawl Space is available on Amazon.

The Kindle version of The Crawl Space is available on Amazon.

The Crawl Space by Arthur Mills


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