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Rebirth Under the Texan Sun: The Return of Branching Plot Books

Updated: Nov 9

Branching Plot Books

There's a freshness in the air, not just from the Texan sun that now graces our skins but from the rejuvenated spirit of Branching Plot Books. From the cool, damp embrace of Lacey, Washington, we've ventured to Austin, Texas, seeking the warmth of the sun and new inspirations.

Our endeavor in Austin isn't just a physical move; it's a shift in perspective. This evolution resonates in our latest rendition of the award-winning Amazon best-seller, The Empty Lot Next Door. We heard you. We felt the dissonance Griffin brought to many of our readers. While he remains woven into the fabric of the story, his shadow is less imposing. We've shifted, focusing more on the haunting reality than on youthful tales. The result? A more mature, gripping story that dives deeper into the ghostly truths that lurk in the corners. The Empty Lot Next Door, Second Edition, is now available on Amazon here.

Our passion doesn't stop there. We're stitching together a companion for Co-Author, offering readers not one but six potential conclusions mirroring life's unpredictability.

Yet, what stirs our souls now is the mystery of Candle Face. Those familiar with The Empty Lot Next Door will recognize her chilling presence, born from Austin's whispered ghostly tales. Now that our hearts beat in Austin's rhythm, it's only fitting we dive into this ghostly legend. Over time, letters and emails have poured in, speaking of eerie dreams and unsettling awakenings with Candle Face's haunting appearance. The quest? To discern truth from legend and to fathom if Candle Face is alive and well once again.

Arthur Mills, who first stirred her from the abyss in the early 1980s, will lead this quest. With three decades of expertise as an analyst and investigator, if there's anyone who can unravel this ghostly figure, it's him.

So, as the Texan sun casts new light on Branching Plot Books, we invite you to be part of our journey. Join our Community Hub, engage, and let us tread the fine line between the known and the unknown together.


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